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Explore standout features of our wellness technologies, designed for efficacy and ease. From customizable light therapy to precision UV treatments, discover how each device enhances your care offering.

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Bye-Bye Acne, Hello Smooth Skin With Dual Action Advanced Led Therapy

JuveLight - LED Light Therapy System

Revolutionize skin care with the JuveLight Light Therapy Device, using red, blue, yellow, and infrared light to activate collagen, heal wounds, and reduce inflammation. 

Features include a 10.4" touch LCD, customizable treatments, and a design that ensures ease and precision in every session.

Beat Psoriasis & Vitiligo With UV Therapy For Clear, Vibrant Skin

ExciLight - Excimer System

Specializing in psoriasis and vitiligo treatment, the ExciLight offers targeted UV therapy with flexible controls and safety features, ensuring effective treatment on intact skin. 

Its compact design and manual calibration offer precision and ease of use.

Targeting Hair At Its Core For Thicker, Stronger Strands

FolliLight - Hair Growth System

Fight hair loss with FolliLight, utilizing low-level laser technology for safe and non-invasive hair growth stimulation. 

With features like an access sensor and adjustable brackets, it ensures a comfortable and effective treatment experience for all users.

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